A cheerful Hi! and a warm Welcome! to you for finding this website and your interest in Data Learning.

With this website I would like to introduce myself and give an insight into the general topics and my research fields Data Mining, Machine Learning, Cryptography and Bio-/Breeding-Informatics.

In addition there is some information about my personal hobbies Aikido and Advanced Cooking among others.

For more information, please feel free to contact me!


Best regards,

Lars Hahn

10 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. After visiting this website I’m so excited about learning everything about Data Mining, Machine Learning, Cryptography and Bio-/Breeding-Informatics!!!?

  2. Hallo kleiner Lars,
    Wie geht es dir heute? Wollen wir ein bisschen im Schnee spielen gehen?

        1. Woaaah…. Das ist voll weit :O und du bist leichter, du verbrauchst weniger Energie, komm mal lieber hoch zu mir xD

          Ich hab auch gratis Fisch für dich 8-?

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